Oto - the mobile app that allows you to access tinnitus therapy that works, when you need.

Life beyond tinnitus

Oto helps you access tinnitus therapy that works, when you need. Built by doctors and tinnitus specialists.
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Oto - your digital tinnitus therapist.

Your personal tinnitus therapist

Oto's tinnitus therapy is based on the latest scientific evidence.

Treatment that works

Oto brings together all the treatments that the research has shown to be effective in tinnitus management.

Access tinnitus therapy when you need with Oto.

Tinnitus therapy in your pocket

No more waiting for appointments or expensive private clinics. Oto allows you to access the therapy you need, when you need.

The Oto app is built and designed by tinnitus experts.

Built by experts

We've assembled an expert team of doctors and therapists to help tackle your tinnitus.

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Who we're working with

Oto Health partner Action on Hearing LossOto Health partner Bethnal Green VenturesOto Health partner WMAHSNOto Health partner WMAHSN
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