Take control of your tinnitus
Built by doctors and audiologists, Oto is a mobile app that combines AI powered hearing health tracking with tinnitus therapy.
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Mobile Tinnitus Therapy

Oto brings together a number of therapies proven to be effective in tinnitus management.

Hearing Health Tracking

Oto tracks your tinnitus and hearing, providing unique insights into your hearing health.

Monitor How You Progress

Monitor the improvement in your tinnitus symptoms as you progress through the course.

The All In One Tinnitus Management App

Therapy That Works

Cognitive behavioural therapy, tinnitus targeted mindfulness and relaxation therapy. All in one place.

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Daily Therapy

Work through a series of progressive modules with a short therapy session each day. Oto chooses what you need, when you need it.

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Sound Therapy

A comprehensive library of sounds tailored specifically to help you relax and sleep.

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