Track & improve your hearing health
Built by doctors and audiologists, Oto is the first mobile app to combine hearing health tracking with tinnitus treatment and personalised hearing training.
Oto Hearing Health Tracking

Hearing and Tinnitus Tracking

Oto Smart Hearing Test

Smart Hearing Test

Take a hearing test on your smartphone with your own headphones. No calibration required.

Oto Hearing Health Insights

Hearing and Tinnitus Insights

A weekly 2 minute log allows Oto to give you unique insights into  your hearing and tinnitus.

Oto AI Powered Hearing Health Monitoring

AI Powered Monitoring

Oto automatically detects if your hearing or tinnitus is worsening, triggering a hearing test.

Oto Tinnitus Therapy and Hearing Training

Digital treatments for tinnitus & hearing loss.

Oto Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus Therapy

Mobile tinnitus therapy designed by scientists and hearing therapists to treat your tinnitus.

Oto Hearing Training

Hearing Training - Coming Soon

An auditory training programme that will improve your hearing ability.

Interested in testing Oto?
We passionately believe that technology can be used to improve the lives of people with hearing loss and tinnitus. If you'd like to help us improve Oto by becoming a pre-release tester, please sign up.

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